Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

Wangan Midnight

My second favorite Anime. After Initial D.

Here's the first episode on Youtube.


Well. The TX-Pro-Team had again trouble. Now it has gone so far, that their homepage was immediately shutten down, so none of their AddOns can be downloaded now. One of their admins (TomWin) said, that the site was closed because the second admin "Tool831" deleted some threads in their forums. Plus, TW wants to end his career as a modder, so will TX-Pro come to an end too.

However, none of my business. Bad for them, but I never really liked their car-mods. But some of TomWin's tracks were pretty good. So I've uploaded them. The pack contains the newest (ex-)public versions of Swiss Mountain, Polish Roads, Rocky Pass, Redrock Ridge and Kindiak Park.





Coming Soon.

Have fun guys.

PS: If I get some E-Mails about "Illegal uploading of someone elses mods" I won't give a fuck. I just don't care. Modding is a fun thing. It has nothing to do with politics. When someone releases something for free, it should be free. For everyone. And everyone should do what he want's to do with it. Fuck all modding rules. Fuck it.